Česká gramatika v kostce – arabská verze

Česká gramatika v kostce – arabská verze

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Nakladatel Akropolis
Autor Fučík, Ondřej
ISBN 978-80-7470-021-7

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is a four-page guide in a slightly larger than A4 format, printed on card laminated on both sides. This new, expanded version of 2012 is intended for beginners and intermediate students of Czech as a foreign language, although more advanced speakers might also use it to consult occasionally.It presents a simple overview of grammatical and lexical features which are important for successful everyday communication, which is always on hand. It does not imitate traditional mechanical grammar rules, but adapts the explanation to the perception and needs of foreign language speakers (for example, it uses colour coding to mark grammatical declensions of nouns, a simplified scheme to illustrate how to express direction and location etc.) It is available in the following language versions: English, China, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Polish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian and Mongolian.

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