Czech for English Speakers - Čeština pro anglicky mluvící + CD (399,-)

Czech for English Speakers - Čeština pro anglicky mluvící + CD (399,-)

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399 Kč s DPH
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Nakladatel Computer Press
Autor Jana Hejtmánková
Rok vydání 2010

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Čeština pro cizince. The textbook is meant for English speaking persons that want to reach A1 level according to the Common European Framework within quite a short time, preferably with the help of a teacher. The aim is to help students to acquire basic language competence and an ability to communicate in common everyday situations.

The textbook consists of
  • six lessons ordered topically according to the real life situations that foreign students may experience at the beginning of their stay abroad
  • a key to the exercises Czech-English and English-Czech dictionaries
  • an overview of basic grammar phenomena
In the lessons, all four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing are developed.
Each lesson includes
  • phrases related to the given topic
  • exercises
  • summaries of vocabulary
  • tests

The pictures and illustrations function as illustrative material, or they can help in the motivation or inspiration for further discussions. The textbook is accompanied by a CD with listening exercises, texts, dialogues, phrases, and vocabulary.

About the author:
Jana Hejtmánková completed her degree at a Pedagogical faculty in the field of Czech and English. She undertook her postgradual studies in English philology at a Faculty of Arts. She works as a teacher of English and Czech as a foreign language at the School of Business Administration, Silesian University, Karviná.

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